Sometimes, getting employees together at the same time in one place can be a logistical nightmare. Plus, who wants to cover the expense of sending all of your employees off to a training course away from the office?

That’s why we’ve developed our E-Learning solution. Employees can complete their training any time, anywhere.

Our system even saves progress, so they don’t need to complete the whole course in one sitting. They can leave and come back to it as often as they need to fit the training around their busy work schedule.

Training can be completed on any device, whether it’s a tablet, desktop, laptop or phone, and certificates are available immediately as an easy PDF file, ready to print.

We also offer a subscription model for larger companies with more than 100 staff, making E-Learning an even more cost effective service. With our subscription, training courses could be completed from as little as £1 per qualification.

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Our approach

Our courses can be delivered online or face-to-face. We tailor the delivery of our courses to suit the needs of your business, meaning that if you need us to come to your office and do the training in-house, we will.

While a lot of companies will require you to attend their premises to complete training, we don’t. We’re flexible in our delivery, and can come to your place of work to deliver the training, at a time that suits you.

We also offer E-Learning, so your employees can complete the training in their own time. For some companies, it can be logistically tricky to get employees into a space all at one time to undertake training. Our e-Learning programme is a convenient solution, allowing you to get your business health & safety compliant without the hassle of face-to-face training.

Compliance training