UKATA Asbestos Awareness Online Training

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UKATA Asbestos Awareness Category A

Asbestos has been used for thousands of years. Known since prehistoric times for a range of valuable properties – it is fire resistant, flexible and durable, and resistant to a wide range of chemicals – it has been used for items as diverse as candle wicks, insulation, fireproofing, clay pots and automobile clutches.

But, it is also extremely harmful to human life, causing asbestosis and a wide range of respiratory cancers, caused by the asbestos fibers. All types of asbestos use were banned in the UK in 1999, but it can still be present in buildings that were constructed or refurbished before then. In fact, HSE statistics show that, despite the ban, asbestos still causes the death of around 5000 workers each year, usually as a result of past exposure and because the related diseases often take a long time to develop and diagnose.

It is a legal requirement, under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, for employers to provide all individuals who are likely to come into contact with any materials containing asbestos with information about the location and condition of the asbestos and to ensure correct safety procedures are followed.

4See Ltd’s UKATA Asbestos Awareness online training has been certified and approved by the United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association (UKATA). Successful completion is marked by the receipt of the nationally-recognised UKATA Asbestos Awareness online training certificate, which is a prerequisite for anyone working with asbestos.

The UKATA Asbestos Awareness online course provides an in-depth training package covering a broad range of topics that address the relevant regulatory requirements: the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 10, and the Approved Code Of Practice L143 second edition, Managing and Working with Materials Containing Asbestos.

UKATA Asbestos Awareness modules are highly interactive, using images, links, and videos. The online course ensures that your employees and contractors can identify the presence of asbestos within a building, the different types of asbestos that they might come across and where asbestos may be found. It will help participants to understand the potential health risks caused by the asbestos fibers and highlight the requirements for protective equipment and safe working practices.