Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Retail

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This qualification is ideal for anyone working in the retail industry, or those about to start work in the retail industry, where dealing with food is a part of their role. Learners gaining this qualification will know that food safety is the responsibility of everyone involved in the storage, preparation and handling of food.


The Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Retail (RQF) is accredited and has been developed to protect customers, brand reputation and profits.


How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

The total qualification time for this qualification is 7 hours, all of which are recommended as guided learning hours.


TQT is an estimate of the total number of hours it would take an average learner to achieve and demonstrate the necessary level of attainment to be awarded with a qualification, both under direct supervision (forming guided learning hours) and without supervision (all other time). TQT and GLH values are advisory and assigned to a qualification as guidance.

How is the qualification assessed?

This qualification is assessed by multiple-choice examination.

What next?

Individuals achieving this qualification can then progress on to any of the Highfield Level 3 Food Safety qualifications, which are ideal for those wishing to progress to a higher or supervisory level within a food retail business.

Sample questions:

  1. Which of the following statements is correct regarding food poisoning?
    1. Symptoms are always difficult to detect
    2. It usually results in death
    3. It can be prevented by good hygiene practices
    4. All cases of diarrhoea are caused by food poisoning
  2. Which of the following is the main reason that external waste bins should have lids?
    1. To help discourage theft from the bins
    2. To reduce odours
    3. To stop pests being attracted to the food business
    4. To shelter the contents from the sun and rain
  3. To multiply, food poisoning bacteria need:
    1. Food, darkness, moisture and time
    2. Moisture, food, warmth and time
    3. Food, moisture, soil and warmth
    4. Warmth, time, soil and moisture