Cyber Security Online Training

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Hacking, phishing, malware, data breaches, identity theft, cyber fraud and ransomware are terms we hear in the news on a weekly basis. They are all examples of cybercrime. The Safety Group Cyber Security online training is designed to explain to employees the important terminology surrounding cybersecurity and explain how they can act in a security conscientious manner when using workplace IT equipment.

The online Cyber Security course thoroughly and simply explains jargon such as cybercrime, social engineering, and the many different types of malware and trojans. Employees who complete the course will have a good basic understanding of the terms. The Cyber Security Awareness online course outlines the signs and symptoms that a device has been infected by malware. For example, unexplained pop-ups or device slow down and describes how employees can avoid becoming a victim of a cyber crime.

Case studies, questions and interactive exercises, such as multiple choice questions and matching tasks, are used in this Cyber Security online course to prompt the user to think about how to apply the lessons learnt in the course.

Like all Safety Group courses, this Cyber Security online training can be customised to meet your needs, enabling your workforce to understand the specific policies and procedures you have developed for your organisation. A designated course administrator can edit the text and images within the course, and link to organisation-specific documentation that may be in place, all at no extra cost.